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The boy scouts, where good citizenship, outdoor sills and camping happens is the ideal place to find some sexy young men who are bound to be into each other. As is the case of Jamie Jackson, in his first ever scene, helped by Adrian Bennet who shows him all the ropes and how to climb rank by doing favours to the superiors. Nick Fox is also making his debut as a Scout and too wants to impress his partner by showing him how quickly he can make an ass gape! Needless to say that this is an opening experience for both lads! In the third scene we have Jake Stark who meets up with a fellow scout to enjoy the pleasures of nature and Ray, naturally get a face load of cum! Last but not least, Jamie who's sad to be leaving the scouts till next year wants to give a final fuck to one of his partners before saying the final goodbye, and who better than Jake Stark to get every last droplet of cum!
Adrian Bennet, Jake Stark, Jamie Jackson, Adam Veller, Nick Fox, Ray Rio 
John Smith
La langue:
République Tchèque
94 minutes
Date de sortie:

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