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Copperhead Canyon BLU-RAY

Studio: Titan
54,99 €
Rupture de stock
SKU 00018BR
While being transported to jail, cunning and dangerous Bill Madison escapes, leaving Matthew Ford and Luke Riley tied up to a tree. As Matthew and Luke try to free their bonds, they spring boners and end up sucking massive loads from each other. Bill calls Dean Flynn to arrange for a getaway RV. Then, Dean catches his son’s buddy Kurt Wild whacking off and gives Kurt a deep ass-pounding! Chad Manning and Leed Scott are working on the RV when they take a break and work on each other’s fat, hard tools. Bill’s henchmen Ago Viara and Joe Strong show up at the RV. When Ago gets diverted by Joe’s long, uncut cock, Ago services Joe—first with his mouth and then with his hungry ass—until they both cum. Meanwhile, escaped convicts Wolf Hudson and Antonio Milan are stopped by Officer Rick Powers who seems more interested in getting his throat and mouth stuffed by their cocks than turning them in. Finally, when Matthew and Luke finally track down Bill, you can imagine what the two do to settle the score with Bill, Ago and Joe!
Joe Gage
La langue
Date de sortie
18 janv. 2014
162 Minutes