Link 3: The Final Link DVD

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The video opens with a very cleverly edited intro replete with artsy dissolves and sexy thumping music (scored by Thomas Lloyd -- the DVD sound is amazingly crisp -- crank up the volume). Three Master Links are seen through fog and dim lighting (Billy Herrington, Anthony Stone and Matthew Drake), the three musclebound men guide us through the depravity. The first stop is to look in on four cops taking a break from their beats, to suck each other and "beat" off.
Alex Wilcox, Anthony Stone, Austin Masters, Billy Boyd, Billy Herrington, Blake Harper, Brad Davis, Clint Cooper, Corey Jay, David Bradley, Doug Jeffries, Dr. Jeff, Erik Martins, Frank Parker, Jack Simmons, Jack Stuart, Jared Wright, Jason Branch, Jason Ryder, Joe Stack, Kevin Miles, Luke Savage, Marc Hamilton, Marcus Iron, Mason Flynt, Matthew Drake, Rob Knox, Shane Bailey, Spike, Tanner Hayes, Thomas Lloyd, Victor Mariano, Vince Bandero, Zach Richards 
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Rascal Video

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