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The sun is shining, the skies are blue – and Nicolas Santos and Mike Radden are a couple of happy tourists enjoying the beautiful countryside around them and the fantastic weather. Finding a delightfully isolated spot along the river, they decide to engage in a bit of skinny-dipping – abandoning their clothes on the grass and jumping into the water, giving us viewers get the chance to enjoy a thorough homoerotic vision of two young beauts in all their innocent splendour. To be fair, just watching these handsome dudes play about would almost be enough to get most gay guys in the mood; but director Vlado Iresch decides to up the temperature by throwing in the mischievous delight that is Thomas Dyk. He plays the role of an opportunistic biker, who tries to make a getaway with the tourists’ clothes. Fortunately for Santos and Radden, they spot the would-be thief before he has chance to escape – at which point (in reality) they would unquestionably meet out their own form of retaliatory justice. But this is porn, of course, and the justice in question comes in the form of a breathtaking trio that sees Dyk bundled over his bike and subjected to a full-on sexual onslaught by the two now overly-excited buddies. It’s exactly the kind of retribution that a lad like Dyk – who pretty much fucked every gay guy in Czechia back in the day – lived for; and suffice it to say that he doesn’t disappoint in any way. Laid out on his back being spit-roasted seems almost his natural position in life. As is being jizzed at both ends, leaving him soaked in goo and clearly very satisfied!
Thomas Dyk, Nicolas Santos, Mike Radden 
Vlado Iresh
La langue:
République Tchèque
15 minutes
Date de sortie:

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