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It’s not difficult to understand why Thomas Dyk is remembered as one of the best models ever to grace the STAXUS cameras – his good looks, his somewhat mischievous persona, and the fact that he quite literally lived for hard cock were a very powerful combination. And this scene – where he quite literally serves as the focal-point of a six man fuck-fest – serves as testimony to that reputation. Right from the very beginning, with the lens focusing in on the boy like it’s quite literally in love with him, Dyk is in complete command of the action; and whilst his buddies here - Elliot Gass, Richard Said, Mario Raffanelly, Gery Rake and Mirko Mand – might try to give the impression of control, the real truth of the situation is that they’re quite literally putty in Dyk’s hands. This is a boy who could handle cock en masse like few others; and who’s down on his knees to embrace this legion of erect phalluses quicker than anyone around. As such, it’s a scene that holds few surprises – as a viewer you know exactly who’s going to be the centrepiece of the action from start to finish – but that hardly seems to matter. Just watching Dyk as he slurps on a succession of thick, meaty dicks is a joy to behold in itself; and seeing the lad take cock after throbbing cock up his arse is surely enough to send even a celibate monk into a wanking frenzy. All of which culminates magnificently in the fellow being splattered in cum from head to foot, before jerking out his own rich wad – as much as personal achievement as it is a career highlight, and most definitely a privilege to share and enjoy!
Thomas Dyk, Elliot Gass, Richard Said, Mario Raffanelly, Gery Rake, Mirko Mand 
Vlado Iresh
La langue:
République Tchèque
20 minutes
Date de sortie:

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