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Bare Twinks
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Are you ready to be dirty? These young lads certainly are, that’s for sure – as you’ll very quickly discover when you join the likes of Chris Summers, Andy Kay and Aaron Martin for a wholesome escapade of bedroom fun and frolics. It’s definitely the kind of adventure that you’re gonna want to delve in deep for sure, with cock after throbbing cock getting the kind of attention that wet dreams are made of; with an added bit of kink to spice up the pleasure of cute, pert asses getting stretched time and again. No doubt about it, if you like your boys to be cute, fresh-faced and (above all) hungry for dick then this is definitely one not to be missed; wrapping up each time with a cascade of fresh twink jizz in every direction!
Patrick Kennedy, Andy Kay, Jake Johnson, Jason Valencia, Alex Jordan, Benjamin Riley, Michael Klein, Aaron Martin, Andrew Lee, Robin Moore, Chris Summers, Chris Tucker 
Not Credited
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Bare Twinks
97 minutes
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