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My Dirtiest Fantasy
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It's not everyday that you stumble upon a cute twink like Rodion who is tied to a column, but when you're in luck like Noah is, you're going to want to take full advantage of the situation. With the boys body fully exposed, Noah is soon on his knees sucking Rodion's meaty shaft, and whipping the boy before untying him and making him taste his cock. But that's not all Noah will do to this cute boy, as soon after he has the boys hands tied to his balls, and runs over most of his body with a pin wheel, the poor boy can't do anything to avoid Noah's torture. In the second scene, sweet Casper is back for more! This boy never seems to get enough! But of course, Titus is more than happy to give him what he needs, starting off with a rough throat fuck and some humiliation, followed by torture and hard anal abuse with toys and even a fuckmachine! The guys over at My Dirtiest Fantasy have done it again, giving us an emotion packed movie which for sure won't disappoint!
Casper Ellis, Titus Snow, Noah Pierce, Rodion Taxa 
Timmy Treasure
La langue:
My Dirtiest Fantasy
85 minutes
Date de sortie:

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