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Kinky Hardcore Twinks
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There is nothing these boys can do but Embrace The Pain because their cruel masters are about to inflict all kinds of torment for their own pleasure on the exposed bodies of these defenceless twinks. Water torture, hot wax and sounding are only some of the stinging experiences these boys can expect at the hands of their malevolent masters. One young teen is choked and forced to his knees to pleasure both his masters with his tongue before they demand he leave his mouth open and aim an arch of hot piss straight down his throat for him to drink down. No chance of surrender for these tender twinks as they are subject to over two hours of misery!
Leo Foxx, Kenzie Madison, Oliver Wyatt, Sean McKenzie, Reece Bentley, Luke Desmond, Ashton Bradley, Rhys Casey, Sebastian Kane, Jacob Daniels, Kieron Knight 
La langue:
Kinky Hardcore Twinks
145 minutes
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